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Make Your Child Future Ready Boost your Kid’s Analytical Skills


Abacus - an ancient mathematical calculation system that helps to amplify your child’s mathematical and analytical skills. “GYAN Skill development course” helps to improve your child’s overall brain capability to calculate complex mathematical problems without the use of calculators. GYAN learning platform is a unique step-by-step abacus teaching platform with interactive videos, live stories, and challenging puzzles that makes every child fall in love with Numbers. This will help to develop the left and right sides of the brain which makes them achieve exceptional results.

Vedic Maths

Vedic Maths is a collection of ancient mathematical techniques that helps to solve sums in a simpler and faster way. Vedic Math allows procedures and multiple shortcuts to improve your master factoring calculations in split seconds. Our ‘GYAN After School Program’ is beneficial for kids to sharpen their mental agility, intelligence, speed, and accuracy. Future Skills


In this fast-paced world, being competitive means learning at a young age. At GYAN, we have designed coding in a fun and practical way. ‘Learning Coding’ will make kids engage in critical thinking and prepares them for an increasingly tech-driven world. Our ‘GYAN Coding platform’ will help the students to improve their creative thinking, programming skills, perseverance, problem-solving, debugging, etc. through a variety of simple yet exciting coding projects.


Robotics has become inevitable in today’s scenario and let’s prepares the kids ready for the future. At GYAN, our Robotics programs are designed to be dynamic and the kids learn the latest. We engage the kids in a new world of robotics and make them participate in national and international competitions. The kids need to get advanced knowledge in programming and Robotics. Our ‘GYAN Robotics Program’ opens up an entire world of opportunities for them to thrive and succeed.

Certified Teachers

Edtech specialized Faculties
Trained by Field Experts
Experienced Professionals

Teaching Methodology

Child-Friendly Learning
Animated Interactive Video Sessions
Level Wise Evaluation and Certificate


Every year we run a scholarship program, where students get a chance win a scholarship.

Learning Support

Individual Attention
Student Improvement Program
Level Wise Evaluation and Certificate
Live Class Support

Self Learning

Abacus-Vedic Maths-Coding-Robotics

  • Students self-learn at their own pace
  • Online Support
  • Flexible Timing – Learn at your convenience
  • Certified Course


Abacus-Vedic Maths-Coding- Robotics

  • Dedicated Tutor Support
  • Max Batch Strength - 15 Students
  • Monthly - 4 Classes- Each Class - 2 hours
  • Fixed Batch Timing
  • Certified Course

1:1 training

Abacus-Vedic Maths-Coding- Robotics

  • Individual Tutor
  • Focused Personal Attention
  • Monthly - 6 Classes- Each Class - 2 hours
  • Flexible Timing
  • Certified Course

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"Confidence & Hard work is the best medicine to kill the disease called failure.
It will make you a successful person" - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

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